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My name is Joachim Liedtke, I am a freelance Commercial Pilot and Class Rating Instructor based in the Stuttgart, Germany area. I have been involved in aviation for 20 years. In 2010, I received my FAA CPL, and in 2012 the EASA (then JAR) frozen ATPL (CPL license with passed ATPL theory exams) followed suit. My flying activities have taken me to several different countries and allowed me to fly many different aircraft types (see below). I specialize in the more exotic kinds of flying, particularly seaplanes. When I’m not flying real planes, I instruct at a local flight simulator company, introducing customers with little to no previous flight experience into the world of aviation, and showing them what goes into flying commercial transport aircraft. This is primarily done on a B737-800 type simulator, but we also operate a Redbird C172 full motion sim.
On this website you can learn more about me, my expertise and the services I offer.


Licenses & Certificates
  • SEP-Land & -Sea
  • MEP-Land/IR
  • SE-Land & -Sea
  • ME-Land & -Sea
  • Instrument Airplane
Other Certificates:
  • German 'General Flightradiotelephone Operator's Certificate' (AZF)
  • US FCC 'Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit'
  • ICAO English LPL 6


Through my widely varied flying activities, I have gained experience in many different aircraft types and vastly different geographical and climatic environments. I have been flying in Florida during Hurricane Season, in Iceland during the sub-arctic winter, as well as the Norwegian summer above the arctic circle.
The Aircraft Types I have experience on include:

  • - Cessna C152
  • - Cessna C172
  • - Cessna C172 on amphibious floats
  • - Cessna C180 on straight (non-amphibious) floats
  • - Cessna 182 with the 300hp IO550
  • - Diamond DA40 equipped with G1000
  • - Diamond DA42
  • - Piper J3 Cub on straight floats
  • - Piper PA34
  • - PiperPA44
  • - STOL UC-1 Twinbee
  • - DeHavilland of Canada DHC-2 Beaver on amphibious floats
  • - Aquila A20/A211


Need to have a plane relocated? Or require training?
I can help you with the following, and more:

  • - Training for the entry of Single-Engine-Land or Sea Class ratings in your existing EASA license
  • - Flight Training for the renewal of your expired Single-Engine-Land or Sea Class Rating
  • - Training flight for the revalidation of your valid Single-Engine-Land or Sea Class Rating in accordance with FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii).
  • - Differences Training in accordance with FCL.710 / GM1 FCL.700
  • - 'Safety Pilot' or accompanying pilot for those flights, where you'd like to have a professional pilot as support at your side.
  • - Relocating airplanes

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